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he fundamentals of Renaissance Man's phillosophy are in its name. We do not subscribe to a "creativity at all costs" model. Renaissance Man, like its 15th Century inspiration, believes in balance.

alance can mean compromise. With Renaissance Man the client's needs will always be met with the best possible solution within a reasonable budget. Let us be your trusted advisor.

enaissance Man understands culture. One of the most important factors in architecting a creative solution is understanding your audience. Our services include needs assessments and cultural evalutations which can help you successfuly design your message. We bring experience to the table and leave the preconcieved notions behind.

Drawing from years of experience designing Intranet and Internet websites, Renaissance Man can help you architect and deliver a scalable website that meets your clients needs.

The trusted advisor is one who, through experience and hard work, is able to paint the clients options in a understandable, efficient way. This allows the client to make quick, successful decisions about their business. Renaissance Man excels in the trusted advisor role.

With movies and art replicating at an exponential rate, it is essential that artists continue to create original, expressive work. The role of the look director is to contribute perspective to an artistic effort. "The lighting should be just so... Like a combination between Blade Runner and the "tiger scene" from Apocalypse Now."

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