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hat does religion have to do with consulting? Exactly.

enaissance Man is technologically agnostic. We do not believe in the superiority of any single technology, nor do we descriminate between Macs, PC's or Unix.

oday's workplace is a diverse combination of precariously thrown together networks and proprietary systems. Renaissance Man can navigate these obstacles to deliver a ubiquitous, solid solution.


The debate has gone on for years. Renaissance Man will use the equipment that gets the job done, the way you want it done. Being technologically agnostic means that we have broad access to all kinds of applications. It also means that we can read and output almost every file type that has ever existed.

There are several excellent 3D animation applications on the market today. A few stand out as the leaders in terms of visual effects and advanced character animation tools. One commonality of these leading products is that they are all incredibly expensive. For financial reasons Renaissance Man can only invest in one 3D animation package, but we are open to many different applications. If your project demands SoftImage, Lightwave, Electric Image or Max, we can work with you to provide a solution.

The browser wars continue to rage, while Renaissance Man focuses on what is important: your content. The latest plug-in technologies can really make your site shine, but sometimes a clean, fast site is the best way to get your message across. Regardless of the path you choose, Renaissance Man will craft your content so that it will look good to any audience.

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