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ith Renaissance Man consulting, technology walks the bleeding edge. Our services will put your business in front of the industry.

echnology is constantly evolving. As a result, our web offerings must remain extremely flexible. Ranging from accepted W3C standards to complex application oriented plug-in technologies, Renaissance Man always tailors the solution to the client's environment.

nimation and 3D services utilize the most advanced software available in the world today. Alias|Wavefront's Maya is leaps ahead of the competition, putting you and your business in the enviable "lead" position.

web services include:

java and javascript programming, PERL scripting, VRML, DHTML and advanced HTML design.

is used to create professional quality, low bandwidth gifs and jpegs.

3D offerings include:

MEL scripting for Maya, expression writing, advanced inverse kinematic character animation, hard and organic surface modeling with NURBS and polygons, partical effects and OPTI-FX.

Renaissance Man's design technique is heavily rooted in the "science" of graphic arts. All images are optimized for minimal bandwidth impact. File type and size are flexible and can be tailored to the clients specifications.

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